Rhinebeck, and a winner!

First, our winning number. I had to bring something to Rhinebeck, even though i was not a vendor. This year. So, I brought little baby skeins of yarn, with dragonfly wings of course. Each set of wings has a number on them, and using the fabulous random number generator, our winning number is 259. Congratulations, number 259; you have one an Octopus Mitten kit in Traveller colors of your own choosing. Please contact me through my website or on ravelry, and we will arrange to get you your fabulous prize.

Now, please enjoy my Rhinebeck memories. And, for more fiber festival fun, do come see me at SAFF this weekend in the main building on the upper level. I'll have plenty of yarn, Octopus Mitten kits, and spinning fiber.

So, you may know that i made a last minute decision to go help a good friend in her booth at Rhinebeck, or for the uninitiated: New York State Sheep and Wool Festival. Of course, i have wanted to go for years, but with our lives, leaving town the weekend before a big show in the opposite direction (SAFF) never seemed to make any sense. It still doesn't make sense, but helping my lovely friend Steph of LOOP seemed a pretty good excuse.

I worked hard, but managed to have a wonderful time with old friends and quite a few new ones. I had the pleasure of roadtripping with my very good friend Elizabeth; we laughed ourselves silly over the number of times i turned to her and said "Did I tell you that I met Ann Weaver?" (she was lovely). I met quite a few other amazing designers and dyers and knitters and spinners and writers. I can't wait to collaborate with them all!

And of course, there were Gryphon and Lia, in their renaissance capes. And maple spun sugar. And amazing artichokes (thank you Katey!!) And jerky to bring home to the kids:) And the yummiest carded american merino. And lace spindles by Jesh. And the most spectacular collection of hand knit items i have ever seen.

And so many other things one can do with wool and color. So inspiring! It was all I coud do to keep from buying pounds of rug hooking strips to make hearts and rainbows.

Banjo music, and spinning, and sheep all in one place. All in one stall, in fact:)

And sheep. Lots of sheep.