Forgive me for the old date on this post; i started it a while back. I need to tell you that I am so grateful for this amazing year. Family is thriving, with ninja moves

and magical trips just us four.

The crazy animal zoo has given us much dog hair and chewed up shoes, and endless hours of entertainment and love.

of course, there has been swimming, mostly done by my amazing daughter and son, and husband:)

And so much yarn! Thank you so much to my dear friends, and extended family, and customers! I said in January that it was time to grow or quit, and we grew! I am so grateful for the many new and long-term customers who have supported us this year. As a special thank you, we will be offering FREE SHIPPING for the first week of the new year. The shop will be updated beginning at 4 eastern standard time. Hopefully, i will have preview pics tomorrow:)

ps. Look for information on an Open House in the studio in the New Year. yay!