Still here

My girlie and my mom at the skating rink on Christmas Eve

Two grandmothers

This month, post Christmas holidays, we have survived our (yes, "our") first set of high school exams and an 11 year old birthday party. With 11 11 year old boys and more nerf weapons than that:) Note to self: when will you learn that Jackie Chan movies make little boys want to do Kung Fu, however badly.

The mermaid continues to have a wonderful, affirming high school swim season. Go Titans!For Christmas, we gave her Hip hop classes. Taking her to class and watching the teens dance with attitude is a highlight of my weeks.

Bill, husband to Carol the shipping fairy, has dubbed the studio "the Clubhouse". We are now equipped with yoga mat, microwave, and flower shaped ice trays. And all important music. And plenty of room for dancing:) I love my stove, which heats the whole space when all 8 burners are lit, and am dyeing approximately four days a week.

Not a new pet, but a very cool fellow

We have begun sprucing things up for our Open Studio on February 18 from 12 pm to 4 pm. I hope you will be able to come! Bring your knitting or drop spindling project, and be prepared to hang out with us. That is the weekend before Mardi Gras, and therefore, a wonderful day for a party! There will be snacks, and Mardi Gras beads, and, of course, lots of yarn. And wonderful knitters and spinners too! I am considering doing a yarn dyeing demo/studio tour. Not a class, but we are also talking about this possibilty as well for later down the road.

What happens when you don't have a door on your linen closet

Also, if you are local, we will be doing crafty gatherings about once a month on Thursday evenings. I'll announce these here, and on Facebook. And while we are on the subject, are there any classes you would be interested in attending? We are talking to Lexi of Pluckyfluff about doing one of her fabulous workshops here, in fact. Maybe an indie designer who does beautiful things with hand dyes?

Finally, because I want to keep this short and sweet, let me tell you about Club Dragonfly. I have, for the last two years, done a yarn club with my friend Brittany of The Knit Witch. While we had a great time with it and are atill good friends, she has been branching out into other priorities (teaching at Emory! getting a PhD!) and dyeing time is limited. This year, I am offering Club Dragonfly with 6 shipments of Dragonfly fibers yarns and indie-designed patterns. Designers in our line up include:

Kate Blaney of KatyDid Knitwear (and of the former and wonderful Serendipitous Ewe) She designed the Slip and Slide cowl in my Traveller this fall.

Stephannie Tallent of SunsetCatDesigns (designer of Zylphia Pilots her Airship and Emily Prefers to Flounce for Sanguine Gryphon and Wrought Iron Cardi in my Blue Face Worsted in her upcoming book California Revival Knits, among many.)

Liz Abinante of Feministy (you know the Travelling Woman shawl, right? and my favorite, Saroyan Right now she is doing the Great Cowl KAL; cause you really can never have too many cowls)

Rosi Garmendia of RosiG and Soapy Knitter (designer of Autumn Swirls Cowl for Club KnitWitch)
Kate Oates of TotToppers and When I Grow Up (also designed for us last round, with the lovely Twisty Violet Beret, which also has some matching Twisty Violet Mitts) I have cast on and knit one whole inch of her Gramps Cardi for grown people.
And, last but certainly not least, Jeny Staiman of the Curious Knitter (and designer of the extra spicy and very cool Double Helix)

Yarns will come from my usual bases, with a few new and different yarns that i've been dying to try. You can sign up here if you want to pay for the whole year up front or drop me an email or a Ravelry pm if you want to pay as you go:) I hope you'll join us:)