Spring show season, over.  Phew!  Maryland Sheep and wool Fest was a whirlwind, as expected.  Karida of Neighborhood Fibers and Sarah and Sam of Cephalopod Yarns and I had a blast in the LlamaJama booth on Saturday.  I want to thank all of the folks who came t see us and buy our yarn. 

The show turned out to be a bit more of a whirlwind even than we expected.  Saturday evening, we received a call from the MDSW committee asking us to vacate the booth, as we were running the booth for LlamaJama, but the owner was not present.  Sunday morning early we broke things down, and then I headed over to the Cloverhill yarns booth with Karida and Ann Weaver to volunteer there.  I know there were some confused folks out there, and I'm so sorry about that.  We did have a great time on Saturday though!

I will continue to apply for my own booth.  Some folks have sent emails to the MDSW committee, just letting them know that they appreciate our yarns and hope to shop from us at the show:)  Laura Blueswirly drafted a sample letter for anyone who wants to sned one.


We have hosted two fabulous classes in the studio.  Ann Weaver's Color theory for Knitters had people looking at color in a whole new way.  We made little fingering yarn "cupcakes" for students in a full rainbow of semi solids and people scarfed them up!  I became inspired to start an Alber's Cowl myself.  I knit on this project at MDSW.  As you can see, i have a ways to go:)

Ruby, Ruby Soft Twist Djinni and Pumpkin Head Djinni

Lauren Haiken's Color in Spinning Class started the MDSW weekend off right.  She promises she will come back and do another class for us on a weekend.  See the lady in the bandana?  That's Victoria Rothenberg, owner of the yarn Spot, my very friendly LYS.  She will probably be the force that finally gets me to organize a dyeing class:)  The very pregnant lady on the other side of Lauren?  That's Paula of Woolarina and Homespun Yarn Party fame. 

Lauren teaching spinners how to use color in spinning

We made 2 oz braids of all kinds of colorways in Polwarth, Merino Silk, and 
Sea Monster for the class.  Hopefully, folks had fun choosing:)

Picking out fiber for spinning class

What's coming up, now that we have a breather? Today, we are updating the shop with tons of yarn and fiber including the lovelies you see on today's post.  As usual, the update is 4 pm eastern time.  All the preview pictures are here.
We are planning a miniclub for next week.  I have opened a thread here to see what folks are interested in seeing.  I am planning to feature Super Traveller because it's new, Dance because it is our warm weather yarn, and Super Djinni becasue it is new and may not be around long.  To explain, the mill has raised this price for us significantly, forcing me to increase the retail price from $28 to $34.  it is a great yarn, and maybe folks want to pay it.  Let me know, okay?

Night over Portland Polwarth

Of course, we will need to do some summer knitting.  I am planning a Laresca in Dance, possibly Poseidon.  What do you think?  Shall we do a Knitalong?  The project that has received the most knitting time from me right now is my Central Park Hoodie in Winter Woods Blue Face Worsted.  I saw the Avengers twice last weekend and knit one whole front piece.  Hooray for knitting in worsted weight yarn!

You should know that I'm looking I'm looking at simplifying things at Dragonfly headquarters.  I'll be letting go of some bases, particularly Dragon Worsted.  I also will be trying to simplifythe colorway list.  This task will be difficult, considering the fact that inventing new colorways is the best part of my job:)  Phew.  Would you like a chance to vote your favorites ON the island?

Gratuitous picture of Aquaboy playing in his last concert of elementary school