Introducing our Inaugural Dye Workshop

Folks have been requesting a dyeing class since before we moved into our studio last summer.  We have arranged and re-arranged our studio, and have learned the ins and outs of our big powerful stove and now i think we are ready!

Playing with Color in the Dye Pot with Kate Chiocchio

Date: Sunday, July 15
Time: 10 am- 2 pm
Location: Dragonfly Fibers Studio, 4104 Howard Avenue, Kensington

Dragonfly Fibers owner and dye artisan Kate Chiocchio will teach basic dye techniques, including immersion dyeing, cold pour handpainting, and a hybrid of both. We will explain basic color theory and some tips on dye intereactions and then we'll turn you loose to play!
Skill requirements: None:) Bring your curiosity and spirit of adventure!
Materials to bring: Old clothes that you don't mind dyeing; good rubber gloves and close-toed shoes.  Rubber boots are an excellent idea.
Provided: Yarn for dyeing using each of the techniques. Spinning fiber also available. Dye supplies, including dyes, plastic wrap, masks, aprons, etc.
Cost: $125, including 3 skeins of yarn (Dragon Sock or Traveller) or bumps of roving (Superwash Merino and Polwarth Silk are a good choice here), access to a broad range of dye colors, and all of the other paraphernalia that accompanies this craft.

I must warn you that this class will be my first dye workshop ever, so be prepared for a few kinks.  We will use my big, wonderful 8 burner stove to learn immersion dyeing, and then will progress to classic handpainting. We will then move on to painting the yarn directly in the pot.  The stove puts out a lot of heat, but good news, we do have air conditioning!  So come play with me and learn how to dye yarn and fiber.
We will take a break in the middle for a snack, but bring your own lunch.  I'll have coffee, tea, and maybe some Coke Zero if i'm organized.  Questions?  Best to send an inquiry through the website so they come to a central place.
A couple of related notes: