Summer Classes!

Remember how i told you to watch this space for summer classes?  Well, I have a treat for you: wild and wooly Art Yarn spinning!  Come spend the day with Elizabeth Stover in Spin Lab.  Here is her description of what you'll do:

Have you ever been captivated by unusual handspun yarns? Join the movement of cutting edge spinners and discover the wild side of making yarn. In this student paced class, we will explore alternative techniques for spinning creative singles as well as innovative plying techniques to produce truly inventive yarns. Dare to push your spinning into art with all types of funky singles as well as techniques like corespinning, thread ply, coils, wraps, and in-line techniques.
Skill level: Must know how to spin a balanced single and possess good plying skills.
Cost: $125 Optional spinning fiber, batts, hand painted top, and add-ins will be available for purchase.
Participants should bring: Spinning wheel in good working condition, oil for wheel, niddy noddy, 3 or more bobbins, lazy kate, jumbo bobbins and plying head, scissors, crochet hook (any size C-J), 1 spool of Sulky metallic thread, 1lb wool( roving, batts, clouds, etc.). If you have mixed fibers available and want to explore some fun ways to card/spin them, please feel free to bring any mixed fiber (mohair, alpaca, any type of locks, bamboo, milk protein, faux cashmere, sari silk, cotton, nepps, angelina,firestar, etc.) Drum carders welcome.
*Please bring 2 bobbins of even unfinished singles with ample twist.
* If your flyer has c-hooks, you may wish to replace them before class with the same size L hooks on one side of the flyer to avoid textured yarns getting snagged in the hooks. Simply take your c hooks to the hardware store and replace with exactly the same size. Purchase enough L hooks to replace one side only of the flyer. After removing the c hooks, you can opt to replace every other guide hook with an L hook and leave an open hole in between L hooks for minimal snagging. Wooly Winders not recommended for this class.

Elizabeth and I started spinning art yarns together in a Pluckyfluff workshop, but, let me tell you, she has taken the art well beyond what I can do!  And, she is a sweet and patient teacher.  So, come play with us in the AIR CONDITIONED Dragonfly studio on Saturday, June 30th from 10 to 4.  Any questions or worries?  Email me at or Elizabeth at

Next class will be a dye workshop on Sunday, July 15th.  Save the date!  I will put the listing up when I get home from New Orleans next Wednesday.

We are visiting my family in the Big Easy this week.  Enjoying lots of food and sunshine.  Yesterday was lunch at the Gumbo Shop.  Their Gumbo Z'herbe is my alltime favorite!  Today we will bike around Fauborg Marigny.  I'm still waiting for a snowball...

Showing off in the Boutique de Vampyre down in the quarter

Grandfather took the boys fishing for Redfish.  They were amazing!

I love the reserrection Fern growing on the old oak trees.