So, just when I decided that I needed to pare down my number of yarn bases, it became clear to me that i must have this gorgeous yarn in my repertoire.  Pixie is a gorgeous superwash merino fingering weight singles yarn.  While not quite as strong as a plied yarn, it has a nice firm twist.  The superwash merino soaks up color like crazy, while the twist resists the dye at the same time, resulting in a slightly dappled look.  The yarn is also quite soft, and dreamy to knit. 

What to make with Pixie?  I see it as a yummy yarn for cozy shawls, or lightweight sweaters, or soft mitts and hats that won't pill easily.  I can see making bed socks with Pixie as well, as i'm not particularly hard on my socks.  Evolution Mitts by Miriam Felton?  Love Letters Socks by Irish Girlie Knits or  Coleus by Kirsten Kapur, perhaps.  Or Theodosia Shawlette by Sarah Eyre.

You should also know that we are now offering Selkie, our 60/40 wool and silk worsted yarn in 4 oz skeins.  At $30, you can now buy just enough for a hat or cowl or other small project. 

Thanks to a summer swim season in full swing, I have been able to do some knitting.  Not much last week, when the temperature was well over 100 degrees and we had been "powerless" for a week but my Albers Cowl has seen some action.  It has been tough not to keep adding colors with every square!  So far, I have seven: Ruby, Ruby, Weaverknits Grellow, Violetta, Villainness, Robin's egg, Pumpkin Head, and a Wollmeise color that i couldn't resist throwing in (Rotor Himbeemund).  I know I will start the last piece with a Grellow square; then, who knows?

Also, I have started my Chittagong shawl in Villainness Squishy but I can't say I have done much.  it is definitely meditative, though, and I suspect i will jam on it once I finish knitting little rectangles on my Albers Cowl.

No more knitting today.  I'm off to finish planning for my first Dye Class.  Also, we'll be updating our shop tomorrow the 15th at 3 pm eastern with all the lovely yarn you see here, plus a few more yummy offerings you can find here:)