Back to school, back to life

NEWSFLASH!!  Please scroll to the end for information about a Knit, Swirl ordering party at The Yarn Spot in Wheaton on Sunday, September 8 from 5-7pm.

Springtime in Paris Traveller

Life has been chaotic as usual here are at Dragonfly HQ.  Children are back at school; luckily, the swim program gives us a few weeks to settle in before the driving to the school begins.  Aquaboy has started middle school at Loiederman, the visual and performing arts school that his sister so enjoyed, and so far, so good.  He, like the Mermaid, is taking Dance and loving it.  We are still trying to figure out what am "x jump" is (looks more like kung fu than anything his sister ever learned:)

Homework Avoidance
My girl is excited to be in 10th grade.  She started the year off right, with a sleepover after the first football game.  It took us a week to get her schedule straight, but somehow taking TV production was the only solution:)  Luckily, there is AP government and Chemistry to balance out the fun!

This weekend, we are at the Delaware shore visiting grandparents.  Mostly, I am staying in the air conditioning.  I am recovering from a severe case of poison ivy; for the past 10 days, i have been pretty sure that i have been invaded by aliens, between the reaction and the prednisone and antihistamines i have taken to deal with it.  Ugh.  I believe this is what happens when one waits til the end of the summer to start one's weeding, then assumes the itch is resulting from an allergy to the new bunny. 

Emmy and Cody's cousin Scout
Good news!  Charley is a lovely bunny, and I am not allergic to him.  His presence in our house has forced me to clean a bit more often (read: "at all").  He is also the sweetest animal that we share our home with, and endlessly entertaining.  Our standard pets are predators; rabbits are not, and interact with us in a completely different way.  He is not, surprisingly, at all anxious; in fact, he may be the pack alpha.  Of a pack full of alpha predators.  Except for Trudge, who he likes to chase around!  I have picked him up more than once while has was sharing a plate with the old dog, eating chicken and rice and completely ignoring her.  Nobody told him that rabbits don't eat chicken and rice, apparently.  Next week, first shearing!

Now, knitting with Dragonfly yarns is going full swing, with two KALs.  We still have til September 21st to finish our Chittagong shawls for our summer shall knitalong.  This is a good thing, for me.  While many people have finished their shawls, I have yet to detect a discernible difference in the size of the Squishy cake from which i am knitting:)

The next knitalong, Malice in Wonderland over at Criminal Knits, has begun the week.  This "barn cozy" project is a mystery KAL featuring two colorways of fingering yarn, one a varigated and one a coordinating semisolid.  My number one fan, otherwise known as my mil Dorothy, is starting her first clue as we speak in Pumpkin Head and Turning Leaves in Pixie.  And yes, it glows!  If you would like to purchase a Malice kit in Pixie, you can find it here.  We will be listing Malice kits in Djinni this week, once we can get our hands on our Djinni shipment, fresh from the provinces.  (Hooray!  New Djinni coming!  Hooray!)  Back to Malice; go here to see the KAL photos.  So many great combinations! 

You should know that Hilary of Criminal Knits and i have been having so much fun with this one that we are already working together on another awesome project.  Stay tuned; this one is for the "Tata's"!

Oberon in Pixie
Before moving on to the WIP and FO show, I'll tell what's upcoming for Team Dragonfly.  First, shop update tomorrow!  4 pm as usual.  Preview photo's are over on the flickr set.  Please note we are considering changing the time of our updates from Sundays, so Tiger and I can take care of updating the shop during our own work week.  What do you think?  We are thinking Tuesday afternnoons, maybe 2 pm.  We figure this way east and west coast are both up and functioning:)

Next show is Shenandoah Valley Fiber Fest, in adorable Berryville, VA.  Mallory and I will be together again for this one; SVFF is one of our favorite weekends of the year.  Fingers crossed that she won't have a test!  Very hard to study with all that wool, and puppies, and goats, and alpacas, and rabbits, and sheep! around.  And no, we are NOT bring home a friend for Charley.

First up, an actual Finished Object!  My Zylphia Cowl, happily modelled here by my sweet old dog.  I knitted this piece in Robin's Egg Djinni this week while watching Torchwood (Season 4!) and trying to ignore my Poison Ivy.  I did have to frog it three times before getting the hang of things (Benadryl is no good for focus!) but I have had so much fun with this piece, i now want to knit Zylphia Pilots her Airship, Stephannie's steam punk sweater that she designed for Sanguine Gryphon.  Just checked; this piece was designed in Eidos/Dragon Sock.  Perfect!  But do I really want to knit a sweater in fingering?

Almost done: second sleeve of my Central Park Hoodie knit in Winter Woods Blue Face Worsted.  My plan was to finish this sleeve and sew up the sweater this weekend.  Only problem?  The rest of the sweater is back in Kensington. Luckily, I have plenty more knitting with me!

I could work on my Laresca tank, in Poseidon Dance.  It would be fabulous to have this piece done for my fall shows, particularly SVFF as it is often quite warm.

And last but not least, i have some silly post-Albers cowl socks on the needles.  I am knitting these with left over scraps from the Albers I knit this summer during swim meets.  (The Zylphia cowl was also knit with these scraps!) 

Albers Cowl on display at Michigan

Patchwork sock
Enjoy your weekend!  Now, what to knit first?

My il's gorgeous garden
This just in: apparently my poison ivy riddled brain omitted this important event.  Victoria and her lovely new partner Marianne at the Yarn Spot will be hosting an ordering party at the shop tomorrow evening to complement the Knit, Swirl trunk show currently taking place.  I tried these jackets on at Stitches Midwest, and I'm a believer.  All of the variations are gorgeous, and there is at east one that will flatter your figure.  i understand the trunk show will be available for a few more weeks, but if you would like to order the exact yarn in the exact color you have been dreaming of, head over to The Yarn Spot tomorrow from 5-7 pm. 

And that's not all! Victoria and Marianne will have a number of yarn samples from Dragonfly Fibers in a variety of colorways and bases that we think will work beautifully for this project.  So, go by, enjoy some refreshments, try on a few jackets, and plan the project of your dreams.  We'll dye the yarn to order, and deliver it as quickly as possible so you can get started as soon as possible!