Shearing Day

Mallory and I wanted to shear Charley a little ahead of when he started to blow his coat.  We were a lttle less worried about staple length (the length of his hairs) and a little more worried about his ingesting too much hair and getting wool block.  Not too mention, I was doing alot more vacuuming and sweeping than usual!

We invested in a new pair of scissors, which we promptly misplaced.  We wound up gathering all of the scissors in the house and taking the operation outside.  Jack's new mustache trimming scissors were the best (shhhh...).  Our strategy was to confine him on the potting bench, and have Mal feed him cilantro while I cut his hair.  He was surprisingly sweet.  And patient.  Particularly when I nicked him once or twice.  When the cilantro ran out, Mal held him on his back and I trimmed his tummy.  That was scary!

Now he has a harness and and a leash for going outside.  You don't walk him; he walks you:) 

Check out the ears!


Chez Dragonfly, we are having a glorious time making up colorways.  Hilary of Criminal Knits called and asked me to make up a colorway for breast cancer awareness month.  She was designing a shawl pattern aptly named "Save the Ta-Ta's".  Well you know what we named the colorway, right?  Couldn't resist.  Right now, we have Save the Ta-Ta's in Djinni, Pixie, and Dragon Sock up in the shop.

For Tuesday's update, we will list Ta-Ta's in Squishy Lace, Super Traveller, Sea Monster roving, Polwarth roving, and Polwarth Silk.  I know folks are waiting for Ta-Ta's in Traveller, and I am too!  I have been stalking the UPS man for the last several days, and I think tomorrow may be the day.  The minute we receive the yarn, I will dye one full "run" in this colorway.  That's 24 skeins!  I promise to list the yarn as soon as it is dry and I'll post on Twitter and Ravelry when it's available.

And yes, we are changing the time of our updates to Tuesdays at 2 pm.  Now we do all the work for our updates during the regular week, and hang with our families on the weekends!  Win!  Next one is this Tuesday, September 25th.  Also in this update:  Halloween colorways!  Spooky, an oldie but goody, Vampyre, and Zombie Apocalypse.  Jack says everyone knows that zombies are blue grey, but I think they are radioactive green.  After all, isn't it the nuclear armegedon that brings on the zombie apocalypse?  At least in my world:)


Coming up next week?  Shenandoah Valley Fiber Fest in sweet Berryville. Virginia.  Mallory and I will be there in the Dairy Barn, in our usual spot, across from the alpacas:)  With tons of yarn, and spinning fiber, and Trindles, and perhaps some lovely soap, handmade in Virginia.  Look for a coupon in our newsletter next week.

Please keep your fingers crossed for us to get into Fall Fiber Festival in Montpelier.  I'm especially excited about this festival as the Montpelier/Charlottesville area is a second home to me.  I graduated from University of Virginia many, many years ago, but lived there for several years after and have continued to visit.  Some of my favorite people in the world are Charlottesvillians and some of my best memories happened there.  Also, it would be awesome to go visit the Laughing Sheep yarn shop, which now carries my yarns.

Our Summer Knitalong ends tomorrow, Friday, at midnight.  Sometime this weekend/week?  Ann and I will pick a few random finishers for fabulous prizes!  Yarn from me, and one of her new books.  I see that she is releasing White Whale Volume 2 at Rhinebeck...

If you miss this KAL, head on over to the Malice in Wonderland Mystery Knitalong on the Criminal Knits ravelry board.  It's not too late; they are on Clue 2 I believe.  And it's going to be a "barn cozy":)  Plenty of knitting left.  Also, if you are near me, the Yarn Spot (note the new Saturday hours!) is doing a Knit, Swirl KAL.  I've dyed alot of Dragonberry, in multiple yarn weights for this project.  Yum.

That's about it, for now.  I expect to be hosting Sit and Knit on Sunday, October 7th, unless I'm at Fall Fiber Fest.  In which case, I'll ask someone from Team Dragonfly to host it.  If you haven't been in the studio lately, you will love the new sitting area.  With all the yarn.  Also, we have new lighting so you can see what you re knitting (and so we can find things when we are filling orders.  We have a new studio phone: 301-312-7873.  Call us!  We are usually there most weekdays from about 8 to about 3, then we all dash off to be with our kids.  If we're mot there, do leave a message and we'll get back to you. Much better than leaving messages on my cell phone that I may or may not listen to:)  Of course, best way to reach me is to email through the website. 

One more thing:  Club Dragonfly goes out tomorrow.  You are going to love it!