With Halloween over, and Turkey Day next week (have never been able to figure out how this happened), the holiday season is nearly upon us.  Like most of us, i approach the holidaze with a mixture of anxiety (will i ever get it all done?) and childlike wonder.  The lights, and the trees, and the greens, and all of the family traditions are so beautiful and magical.  I'm not just talking about my own family and my own tradition; I mean the vast array of customs that surround this time of year when the darkness is at its peak, and we all look to the light.

Karida, and Sam and Sarah, and I have come up with our own answer to the holiday season.  Announcing...

The First Annual
Maryland Hand Dyers Guild
Holiday Yarn Crawl!
December 8 & 9, 10 - 5 

For both days, Cephalopod Yarns, Neighborhood Fiber Co, and, of course, Dragonfly Fibers will open our studio doors for a yarn crawl.  It's even better, though. We are inviting some wonderful local makers to come in and share our space and offer their wares.  You can get ALL of your holiday shopping done that weekend!  We don't have a complete list yet, but I can tell you that there will be bags from That Clever Clementine and This Chickadee, gorgeous handspun yarns and hand made goat milk soap from Folktale Fibers (from her own goats!), and beautiful and inventive knitting books from Ann Weaver.  In fact, we are putting Ann on tour; she'll be visiting all three studios throughout the weekend.

Sam of Cephalopod is making us a very cool passport for studio crawlers; people who get their books stamped by all three studios will be elibible to win fabulous prizes. 

What do you do?  Watch the blog and our Ravelry groups and follow Maryland Hand Dyers Guild on Twitter.  Pretty soon, we'll set up a facebook event so you can RSVP.  That way, we'll know how many cupcakes to bring.  We'll keep you updated on who else will be joining us as vendors, and anything else you might need to know.  And come!  It will be a fun way to bring in the time of sparkly lights, and candle lighting and dreidels, and singing songs.  Not to mention, cleaning house for visiting family, burning turkeys, spending too much money, and eating too much food!