New Gradient Sweater Kits

So, a few weeks ago, I posted about our new The Line sweater kits for complementing Ann Weaver's clever new book White Whale II.  I had a lovely time reverse engineering the colors we'd come up with by accident.  Not one to leave well enough alone, I decided people might want to make this sweater in other color gradients besides the grellow scheme of the original.

After a week of fun in the dyepots, here are some options:

Winter Woods Gradient

Arctic Gradient

Cheshire Cat Gradient

Flannel Pajamas Gradient

Titania Gradient

Raspberry Gradient

You can see that they are mostly variants of current colorways.  Sometimes, I took apart the colors in a particular colorway, as the Winter Woods and Titania options.  Cheshire Cat came from a request from my friend Kate, who wanted colors based on Tim Burton's Cheshire Cat:

The new listings are here.  I made separate listings for each color of the smaller three sizes.  For sizes 44 - 52, I've created one listing and asked folks to put their color request in the order notes.  Now you can make a rainbow of The Line sweaters!

One other new thing to note before I go.  Our friend and very clever designer Jeny Staiman, the Curious Knitter, has released her Metamorph pattern this week featuring our yarns.  This brilliant take on the moebius shape will defintely push us all to the next level in our knitting skill.  And, cause she's that kind of awesome, Jeny has made a video to help us figure it all out.

Knitting that makes us smart, and beautiful too!