The Line

Laurie and Amy setting up
And we're baaaack!  Phew, three shows in 6 weeks.  That means, if you're keeping track, that we had less than 10 days after returning from one show to get ready to hit the road for the next one.  Luckily, I like to travel and I love to do shows.  It's great to meet the people who buy and use my yarn and fiber and to see folks react to my (really our) hard work.  I must say though, with only a couple days off in that time, it's great to be home!  Spend time with the kidlets, maybe have a face to face conversation with my lovely husband (although now, he's hardcore studying for his CPA test, so not so much talking at the moment), and hug all the dogs, and cats and rabbits I want!

Finn and Charley hanging out
And of course, there was Halloween!  Lots of candy, and scary children.  And a few silly grown ups in there too!

Pumpkin Carving

The Krewe
Uncle Sam and Judy Garland
So, have you noticed that my clever friend Ann Weaver has published a new book (actually there are two, soon to be three, so stay tuned!)  White Whale Volume II is even more gorgeous than volume one!  The stunning sweater Ambergris is re-published in this book, along with several new and amazing patterns, including two featuring my yarns.  Check out The Doubloon shawl knit in Weaverknits Grellow Squishy Lace; a perfect combination!  Although you should see the sample knit in Airport Hot Sauce Squishy.  Yum.

Today, I want to share the sweater The Line with you.  This sweater had its humble beginnings last spring after Ann taught a color class at the studio.  She was talking (again) about her quest for the perfect "grellow" and I decided it was time to make it happen.  Ann, Elisabeth, and I fired up the dyepots and after multiple tries, came up up with the colorway you know as Weaverknits Grellow.  Because we dyed alot of yarn before getting it "right", I sent a  several prototypes home with Ann.

Fast forward a month or two and Ann is working on her sweater design for WW2; things are not coming together in quite the way she likes.  Meanwhile, she is knitting up a sample for a new Set-In Sleeve Class that she is developing using the earlier prototype yarns.  Eureka!  I think you know what happens from here, right?  The Line sweater is born, followed immediately by an email asking if i can somehow recreate those earlier grellow incarnations.  She has notes, she says...  People will want the yarn, she says...

Look at the collar!
So, may I present to you, The Line Sweater kits in two different kit sizes, corresponding to the different yarn amounts needed.  Each kit contains appropriate mount of Traveller yarn in three different colorways: (new and improved) Weaverknits Grellow, The Whale-Line, and The Chase.  As you probably know, this pattern is inspired by the "The Whale Line" chapter in Moby Dick.  The line that is attached to the boat at one end and the whale at the other, that is.  I read Melville's most famous book last year, inspired by Ann's first volume, and I loved learning about all aspects of the whale hunt.  This sweater pattern does beautiful homage to this critical and very dangerous piece of equipment.

For now, we are offering these colors as part of the kit only, but let us know if you must have them on their own, and we'll make it happen:)  also, i must mention, I've had a request to do the kit in pink and I'm seriously considering.  Maybe a Flannel Pajamas-inspired kit, or one that takes "Hot Pants" as a starting point?

Now, a couple of things happening in the next week or so: 
Did you ever wonder what a "Pumpkin Head" was?