The less Good, the Amazing, and the Silly

Yesterday, I spent most of the day at a swim meet (nicely done, Titans!) and most of the evening on the computer messing with photoshop (my new Newsletter banner is pretty).  Today, I have risen to a new low: three hours watching Teen Wolf with Aquaboy and the snuggly dog.  Hard to resist, really. And I am a sucker for supernatural teen fiction in any form.  And yes, it is as silly as it sounds:)

Now, I've eaten lunch and checked email and facebook a few times, but the gig is up.  What am I avoiding?  Telling you about some price hikes that i don't want to make. The cost of several of our best yarns has gone up significantly and immediately: namely, Traveller, Super Traveller, and Squishy Lace. 

After sitting on the last price increases for more than a year, we did announce in our newsletter that the price would be going up to $21 and $23 for Traveller and Squishy back in October.  We were planning to make this change when our new site goes live on February 1st.  Now, I must tell you that our prices for these three fabulous yarns will be $23 per skein starting when our site goes live on Friday.

This is not fun for us; putting affordable yarn into the hands of as many knitters as possible has always been my mission.  Talking with my friends in the industry, the best reason we can come up with is the price of fuel.  As always, we have some irons in the fire to address these concerns.  One is, of course, to source as locally as possible.  I have my fingers crossed on this one but it may be the most difficult.  Of course, we are looking at some other mills.  I also have hopes for one yarn in particular that is also lighter weight (closer to fingering).

So please hang in there with us and wish us luck!

Now on to Vogue knitting Live!  We had the best time in New York last weekend!  I always for get how much i LOVE New York.  I always feel more alive there, and  it's a good thing because we worked harder than other shows too!  Elisabeth and I drove the van up after a brief stop in Baltimore for Karida's stuff.  Team Dragonfly-ers Mary and Laura followed in our "chase car".  Their mission was to drive up, set up the booth while I was "schmoozing", and go home.  And thank goodness they drove, or all of my yarn never would have made it!

Mission VKL
We had incredible luck with our bellman Victor, who was so sweet and married to a knitter!  He unloaded not only our luggage, but two vehicle's worth of yarn and show fixtures and got them to the right place.  Elisabeth and I felt like queens running off to dinner with Jocelyn at Salumeria Rosi and a lovely cocktail party at The Yarn Company.  You might wonder, why a cocktail party in a yarn shop?  Tavy and Assaf, the sister and brother team behind this fabulous yarn mecca, were honoring our lovely friend Ragga and introducing a pair of exclusive colorways that we designed together just for the store: Ragga's Glacier and Ragga's Mountain.

Ragga's Glacier

Ragga's Mountain

These gorgeous colorways were inspired by Ragga's photographs from Iceland and designed exclusively for The Yarn Company.  They will be available in Djinni, Traveller, Super Traveller, and Sea Monster and Polwarth Silk rovings  starting on Valentine's Day along with a full compliment of our best colorways.   I'm told that Ragga and Stephen West will be designing beautiful pieces just for the shop to knit with these two colorways.  Stay tuned and we'll let you know when they are up!

Beautiful Shawl made in Squishy Lace

The party set the tone perfectly for our exciting, affirming and fabulous weekend at the show.  We met so many great knitters and crocheters, saw an unending parade of beautiful and creative garments and sold alot of yarn.  We hung with friends from home and met a few new (to me) indie dyers and designers.  We ate great food; I think all the food in NYC may be amazing?  And, Batman came to our booth! What's not to love?

He always was my favorite