There are so many great titles for this post: Smoke gets in your Eyes; Smoke on the Water; Smokey New Year!; The Fire that Wasn't; and Yes, That Worst Nightmare come to mind. The truth is: there was not technically a fire, or even very much smoke.  Our new year was already full of crazy since I decided the week before Christmas that it would be a good idea to do Vogue Knitting Live in New York (3 weeks away).  We had a meeting New Year's eve and made a plan; different people took responsibility for entering data in our new website (debuting in the next week, we hope), making the show happen, filling wholesale orders, and making lots of yarn.

Plan goes into action Wednesday.  Thursday, the studio is a humming hive of activity.  We are on a roll!  Late that afternoon, we discover that a pot has been left on for several hours, the water has boiled out of it, and the charred remains of yarn and pot are stinking up the joint rapidly.  I activated the yarn energency team (called everyone remotely connected to Team Dragonfly, that is) and everyone came!  Children, husbands, and in one case, a mom (actually Mary's mom Phyllis has become part of the team) rushed over and carried out every single skein and cone of yarn in the place.  I probably don't need to tell you that this is a lot of yarn:)

We consulted with a few experts, and got in and began cleaning like crazy.  Yarn was triaged and hung outside.  In some cases, yarn was washed.  And you know what?  We haven't lost a skein of yarn.  Not one.  Most never absorbed the smell.  In many cases, the smoky smell dissipated on its own.  I am blown away, and so grateful, at our good fortune.  Also, team dragonfly is amazing.  They got the job done; all dyed yarn was evacuated well within an hour.  The undyed yarn is not at all smelly.

We've had our ducts cleaned, and the yarn is coming home.  I expect that by the end of the day tomorrow, all yarn and fiber will be back in the studio and those orders that we've been sitting on?  They'll be on their way to their new homes.

We are grateful for the support we've received from our customers, friends and families.  Thank you so much for your patience and your understanding.  Also, we do regret any inconvenience, or lack of information.  I have communicated well with some folks; others, I am fairly certain, have fallen through the cracks.

So, you may be wondering, is the yarn really smoke-free?  We have been sniffing wool so much lately that our sinuses are full of lint, and we believe it smells like it is supposed to.  I also realize that we could have missed something.  Therefore, we are offering free shipping from today through February 8th.  Not only on orders leaving the studio, but also on returns.  we want you to be completely happy with our yarn, and if you are not, return it, no questions asked, and we will refund your return shipping.  Risk free shopping!  To activate free shipping, enter the code "FREE" at checkout.

Time to go back to the yarn, so here are some other upcoming events:

So tired

I'm sure I have forgotten things, so please watch Facebook and twitter for more news.

All dressed up for the holidays

And, most importantly, Happy New Year!!!!  May your year bring you more happiness than grief, and if grief, the tools you need to manage.  And most of all, more love than you can handle.