Contest Winner and Shenandoah Fiber Fest Recap

So this is the moment we've all been waiting for! Our winner for the name your favorite Self-Rescuing Princess contest is Lisa Fryer/Lilulucrazi on Ravelry.  In her words, " I am a Hunger Games nut and have to say Katniss Everdeen. I love her in the books and the movie. She is strong, smart, caring and real."  Lisa, please send me an email through the contact form on the site, and I'll get you your discount code!

Thank you so much everyone for playing along.  And for the book recommendations:)  As I think about this, I am surprised no one mentioned Granny Weatherwax?  

Now, to tell you about our amazing weekend at Shenandoah Fiber Fest this past weekend, is Team Dragonfly's own Mary, who is nearly always right:

What a great weekend at Shenandoah Fiber Festival. The weather was perfect and the organizers added many new vendors this year including our friend Karida from Neighborhood Fiber Co along with the amazing Anne Weaver.

It was very helpful that I pasted "Be in Awe, we're going to the show"  on Kate's back window on the trip to Berryville, VA. Fiday; it was easy to spot her van on the highway!

Braving the stink bugs and the tarps on the dirt floor in the dairy barn, Dragonfly Fibers enjoyed a steady stream of both old and new customers. It was so great to see everyone. Kate's mermaid and our dear friend Elizabeth were on hand to help out on Saturday and Sunday. Our new Helix Herringbone hat kits and All the Shades of Truth kits were a popular addition to our show inventory this year as well as the return of Super Traveller for the cooler weather. We've also brought back the Sleepy Hollow colorway for the first time in a few years to add to our fall line-up.

Lovely customer showing off her Portsmouth Shawl by Emily Peters in Black is Black and Turning Leaves?

Our across the barn neighbor Connie Delameter of Delly's Delights went home with a new family member, a 10 month old black guard llama she named Hummer. Junior the two humped camel made a return engagement this year, to the delight of our teenage girlies, as well as many very fluffy bunnies. We noted  the sheep were quite verbally displeased with the indignities of getting in and out of their trucks.  There was even a shy Emu hanging out with Junior in the animal barn.

The break down crew showed up on Sunday in the nick of time to help the weary team pack up for the trip home. Everything arrived safe and sound and is being sorted and repacked for the triple F, (FallFiber Festival and Sheep Dog Trials) in Montpelier, Va this weekend (October 5th and 6th). Look for us in Tent II booth 4!

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