Death of a Camera

It has been a week of electronic malfunction. Last Friday, during a wicked thunderstorm, our computer crashed. If it weren't for Superjack, I don't know what we would have done.As it was, he saved the day, got the computer running again, and saved most of our files. Unfortunately we lost our emails. Speaking of which, if we correspond by email, i no longer have your address. Can you please send me an email at so I can get you back into my address book? Thanks!

Our camera, which has been eating up batteries at the rate of 4 every two weeks, has finally proved me right and died. I have my fingers crossed for a new camera for my birthday in July - honey, are you reading this?:) Meanwhile, we are going to the beach tomorrow - yay! - with no camera ;( Oh well, at least the world is safe from pictures of me in a bathing suit. We'll be in beautiful Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina with our very good friend Maggie, and a bunch of friends. Wish me warm enough water in the Ocean! We'll be bringing fishing gear, for both ocean and bay side, bikes, beach chair for me, and, of course, my wheel. Can't leave home without it.
Knitting projects will include my Icarus shawl, worked in pistachio Kidsilk and not touched since last August, a make-up-my-own stranded cardigan in my kettle- and hand-dyed yarn (hopfully for a Knitty submission), and Jaywalker socks, yet to be started, in the merino tencel yarn I showed you last post. Another view:

Now, I must share with you last week's fiber adventure. And a true adventure it was, complete with a bit of "horse trading" at the end. The very lovely Jim and Mary Ann Wandell, who Gryphon, Sarah, and I met at the Snow Hill Fiber Fest, are getting out of the fiber business. sad for the rest ogf the world, but, it turns out, very good for me and me fiber compatriots. Mary Ann must stop spinning as she has a shoulder injury (it's a dangerous world here in Fiber Land) and needs to clean out her Fiber workshop. Jim, who is a woodworker, makes the most beautiful and spinny drop spindles. He is no longer making them, but he has already made two for me and has just taken an order for a third. He is proud to have converted me into a "bottom-whorl girl". The two of them invited us down to raid their fiber stash. Everything must go! Rock Bottom prices!

Not having a good sense of my way around the Easter Shore, I arranged to pick Sarah up at my in-laws' apartment in Annapolis at 9 am and then to scoop up Gryphon and Lia at 10. we were supposed to be at the Wandell's in Crisfield at 11, but showed up closer to noon. After bringing out box after box and bags galore of the lovliest fibers you can imagine, Jim made us panini for lunch. We had a beautiful afternoon, talking fiber, spying, and all manner of fascinating subjects with two smart people who've been everywhere. We also raided their spindle stash and spent hours spindling and talking and touring their treasures.

The best treasure of all was the view first-hand of a beautiful marriage of many years. Probably the best expression of this inspiting partnership was the their two workshops. Both built with great care and planning by Jim. The structures were side by side, but separate, each oriented for the bast possible natural light, and created lovingly out of neat materials to fit their purpose perfectly. Between them was a sitting area with a screen for bugs, and behind them was a perfect little garden. You may know, I'm nuts for a perfect little garden. Raised beds filled with veggies and annuals, neatly maintained. I'm sorry I don't have a picture of Jim and Mary Ann and their fabulous workshops. You'll just have to use your imagination:)

We left Crisfield at 4, the time bith Sarah and I thought we'd be home and split up the treasure at Gryphon's. These pictures were taken by Gryphon. Here is the haul:

and with Sarah and me. How could one not dive into such a gorgeous pile of decadence?

As you can see, even Burma the incredible felting dog can't resist. Why is she the incredible felting dog? All I will say is, let her lick your fiber at your own risk:)

We decided the amicable way we divied the booty was a pretty good sign for our very loose partnership, even down to doing "rock, paper, scissors" for this last bit of super-springy fiber that reminded me of Cormo. Mmmm Cormo... I might have been able to weigh fiber forever. Gryphon's husband Curt settled in to watch, commenting that it was such great theater that he wouldn't want to ruin it with Math. (Of course, we had no calculator) After more good conversation, Sarah and I loaded the car up for the trip home at 9 (fiber adventures seem to have their own place in the time-space continuum). After hitting beach traffic going home and watching Sarah narrowly miss having the Soprano's ending spoiled for her, I finally pulled up at home at midnight.

'Twas a long day and fiber and well worth the time. Luckily, the usually lovely man I married knew it was going to take more than a couple hours and wasn't even mad that I was gone so long (he would have been well within his rights had he chosen to be mad at me). I'm not sure I'll be able to get away with another excursion for a while, but I have plenty of Shetland, Alpaca, Merino, Silk, Jacob, and Churro to keep me occupied.

I'll see you when I return from vacation - with or without pictures. Cheers!