Self-Rescuing Princesses

As you may know, we have recently sent out the first Club Awesome shipment.  I have talked before about how much I enjoy collaborating with my friends Karida of Neighborhood Fiber Co and Sam and Sarah of Cephalopod Yarns as the Maryland Handdyers Guild (which is really a cooperative cause it's just us). This first shipment included a Game of Thrones-inspired shawl pattern by Laura Aylor and two coordinating colorways in our Pixie fingering. 

The shawl required two contrasting colors; Laura originally requested a black and a white skein:)  You know me well enough to know that a colorway can never be just black or white, so I was challenged to make a very light color and an almost black color.  The dark color was easy, but I must have dyed the lighter color 10 times! You may have noticed that very light colors are not my usual style:)  We sent one variation to Laura to knit the shawl, but i couldn't live with it.  Too beige-y bland!

Heading back to the drawing board yielded a very pale almost pink.  I realize that not everyone loves pink, but I believe it is the best for coordinating with the dark, dark color.  It is warm, and very flattering to almost everybody.  And then, the color named itself!

Who doesn't love a maiden who can handle herself?  Maybe even rescue the hero? When my daughter was tiny, one of my favorite stories to read to her was The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch.  She didn't need no stinkin' knight in shining armour!  She took care of that dragon using her brain and she didn't wait around for the prince to sweep her off her feet.  Now, that's a role model I would choose.
Arya on Pixie

Self-Rescuing Princess is named for all of my favorite heroines.  I like to read historical novels and fantasy books alot, and I have many favorites.  I've read all the published books in the Game of Thrones series and I love the strong women characters.  My favorite is Arya, youngest daughter of Catalyn and Ned Stark.  She doesn't wait around for someone to rescue her; she is clever and brave and capable.  I do wonder what would have happened with her had things not gone so badly for her family.

Danaerys Dragon Sock
 I'm wondering now: who is your favorite self-rescuing maiden?  If you will leave your answer in the comments between now and next Wednesday, we will choose randomly from all the responses.  The winner will receive a 15% off coupon to our shop.  This game is not limited to Game of Thrones fans; there are so many amazing women in literature!  Then, please come back to the blog next Wednesday and we'll announce the winner! I can't wait to see who your favorite heroine is!

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Nymeria Pixie